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The Faith of Jesus - Lesson 20

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The Faith of Jesus - Lesson 20

The faith of Jesus

Lesson 20

God calls us


Essential to salvation

1. What step is essential for salvation? (Mark 16: 16)
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.


Tender invitations from God

2. What calling directed Levy? (Luke 5: 27)
And after these things he went forth, and saw a publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he said unto him, Follow me

3. How did Levy respond? (Luke 5: 28)
And he left all, rose up, and followed him

4. What other tender call does Jesus make? (Revelation 3:20)
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me

5. What decision should we make now? (Acts 22:16)
And now why tarriest thou? arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord


6. Not to postpone the decision by the Lord (Acts 24:25)
And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee

7. With the family decide for God (Joshua 24:15)
And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD

8. Make the decision now (Hebrews 3:15)
While it is said, Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation

9. Ask for the Holy Baptism (Acts 8:36)
And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?

10. Fully trust in Jesus (Philippians 4:13)
I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.


My resolution

I believe that the Lord called me to associate myself with his Church. Joyful I respond to your call.


I accept ________________________________________


Score __________________________________________


Instructor _______________________________________